• Diversity — bold action needed

    Investment bankers tend have a built-in sense of infectious optimism that helps them to convince issuers to mandate them or investors to buy securities and other financial products, and also gets them through tough times. So it is only natural that, while rightly recognising the terrible human cost of the Covid-19 pandemic, they should be searching for silver linings.

  • Valeo deal must prompt Scope 3 refocus

    Valeo deal must prompt Scope 3 refocus

    It’s time for investors to pressure borrowers to emphasise Scope 3 emissions if they want to make the difference to climate change they claim they do.

  • LPs: mind the information gap

    LPs: mind the information gap

    Limited partners in private credit take a hands-off approach when investing in direct lending funds. But they need to pay attention.

  • Italy: Europe's champion

    Italy: Europe's champion

    There is good reason for cautious optimism when it comes to non-performing loans, despite the dire predictions made last summer. Italy, which has been dogged by NPL problems for years, is a prime example of how well things appear to be turning out, more than a year after the start of the pandemic.

  • A stablecoin threatens stability

    A stablecoin threatens stability

    For those in the world of grown-up finance, the cryptocurrency world has often been the subject of amused scorn or mild envy. It is very much its own game, and it scarcely seems to inhabit the same world as staid, professional markets like that for commercial paper. But all that is changing and regulators must pay attention.

  • Issuers must seek investor diversity more than ever

    Issuers must seek investor diversity more than ever

    Banks that have access to diverse pockets of demand will be far better equipped to deal with any contraction in central bank liquidity, which could occur if high inflation spooks policy makers and markets.

  • Russian ECM hopes could be another false dawn

    Russian ECM hopes could be another false dawn

    The possible flotation of a Russian hospitals group is being billed as a revival of the country’s IPO market, with more deals to follow. Bankers pointed to the recent US-Russian summit in Switzerland as cause for optimism but investors should remain as sceptical as they appear to be about the rest of the IPO market.

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